RHD: 50 Years and Counting

This year Resources for Human Development celebrates 50 years of delivering the highest quality services to people of all abilities, in a Values-driven environment built around respect for the dignity and worth of the people we support – and each other. RHD was founded in 1970 as an organization that would be an agent for social change and guided by its values. From one program, two employees and a budget of $50,000, RHD has grown into a national human services organization that has the great privilege of providing care, resources and compassionate services to more than 50,000 people each year in person-centered, trauma-informed programs across the country. This remarkable journey is a testament to the spirit, creativity and courage of hundreds of people who’ve worked here over the years.

RHD through the years

See how RHD grew from one program, two employees and a budget of $50,000, into a national human services organization providing care, resources and compassionate services to more than 50,000 people each year.

In its long and rich history, RHD has specialized in creating caring, compassionate services that have an essential impact in your community. In every program we’ve started, in every state where we’ve expanded, we work together to deliver the highest quality services in a unique and innovative way. All our programs uphold the RHD Values and the RHD legacy of excellence in service delivery – by treating people with respect and dignity, and by tailoring services to best meet the needs of the people we serve, no matter what their challenges.

A values-driven organization carrying out the broadest possible service mission, RHD is uniquely positioned to respond to a wide range of individual and community challenges. RHD believes that where there’s a gap in human services, there’s an opportunity for a forward-thinking solution. RHD is a national leader in creating arts-based day programs for people with intellectual disabilities, nationally-renowned ACT programsthe largest nurse-managed health care network in the country, and much more. Please check out RHD’s many success stories and case studies, view RHD videos on programs across the country, visit the RHD Media Center to see how RHD is making headlines with ground-breaking services or join the conversation on the RHD blog.

'RHD saved my life'

Whether it is a man in Tennessee learning to speak after 52 years in silence, the creation of nationally-renowned approaches to federally-qualified health centers and crisis services, or cutting-edge creative arts programs for people with intellectual disabilities, RHD has specialized in effective and innovative solutions in trauma-informed, person-centered programs across the country since 1970.

For 50 years and counting, RHD has been, and always will be, committed to the highest quality service — and to asking each day: “How can we do it better?” It is a great privilege to provide services to people in need, and to support people as they build meaningful lives for themselves, their families and their communities. In these ways, RHD effects change, one community – or even one person – at a time.

Make a difference for the next 50 years

The people we serve rely on the generosity of those who believe that every person, despite their challenges, should be treated with dignity and have the opportunity to develop their full potential. Your support directly improves the quality of life for RHD clients, and allows RHD to continue developing caring, effective, and innovative programs that help people in need build better lives.

At Resources for Human Development, our clients achieve the highest level of independence possible and build their most successful lives; our donors, funders and partners have the greatest impact on their communities; our employees build careers they can be proud of. No one does it alone. At RHD, you’re our partner. And when our partners, donors, funders, caring staff, and the individuals we serve all come together to create a community called RHD, we work together to change people’s lives.

And Together, We’re Better.