Government Agencies

Resources for Human Development’s long history of innovative and individualized care, backed by the expertise of elite people in their fields, has always made us a preferred partner of state and local governments. RHD’s unique ability to respond to a wide variety of individual and community challenges has made us a national leader in creating and delivering person-centered, trauma-informed services across the country.

At RHD, we’re committed to the fundamental value of dignity and respect for all, to the empowerment of those we serve and our employees, and to the flexibility to meet the changing needs of those we serve and our government and community partners. RHD believes that where there’s a gap in services, there’s an opportunity for a forward-thinking solution. That’s why RHD specializes in creating and developing services that demonstrate innovation, effectiveness, caring, flexibility, and efficiency.

Each year, RHD provides essential day and residential services to more than 25,000 individuals, while RHD’s community health centers provide care to more than 24,000 patients.

RHD is a responsible steward of government dollars. Since 1970, handling government contracts in excess of a $3 billion, RHD has never had a serious audit finding. You’ll find contact information for each service area on RHD’s website, or you can contact RHD directly here.