Individuals, Families & Caregivers

At Resources for Human Development, we promote independence, rehabilitation and community participation. You’re not just our client. You’re our partner.

We work together to develop life plans, helping people of all abilities reach their goals. Person-centered, trauma-informed programs are our guiding principle, and the development of a supportive network of staff, family and friends is the cornerstone of each program and service. We will work with you to accomplish your goals, and we’ll always go the extra mile.

Here you’ll find a safe and open environment built on our values, where we respect the dignity and worth of each individual.

Each year, RHD provides essential day and residential services to more than 25,000 individuals, while RHD’s community health centers provide care to more than 24,000 patients. You’ll find contact information for each service area on RHD’s website, or you can contact RHD directly here.