Our Values Define Us

RHD’s Values form the bedrock of our organization, shaping our interactions with participants and each other. At RHD, we are deeply committed to upholding these Values, which serve as the driving force behind our mission, define our organizational culture, and strengthen our community. Our Values are not just words on paper; they guide our daily actions and decision-making, helping us fulfill our mission and make a positive difference in the lives of individuals and communities we serve.

The following Values stand as the cornerstones of RHD.

Respect for the Dignity and Worth of Each Individual
This is RHD’s most fundamental Value. Each individual has the right to live and work in an environment that does not deny or demean their fundamental dignity as a human being. In addition to this protection from the negative, destructive behavior of institutions and individuals, each person has the right to expect an active, ongoing affirmation of their basic human worth.

Multi-Level Thinking
RHD promotes an organizational process where “creative chaos” and dynamic tension lead to fresh ideas and creativity. The organization embraces a “win-win” way of thinking that rejects a narrow “either/or” perspective that divides knowledge into right and wrong or true and false. Instead, RHD employs a “both/and” philosophy of knowledge and process that accepts and promotes many different viewpoints. There is no one right way to get to a solution. In instances where multiple perspectives appear to contradict each other, all can be seen as valid based on the differing experiences and characteristics of the individuals involved.

Empowerment of Groups
At RHD, power resides with the group, not with the individual. Whenever possible, decision making should utilize the collective thinking of multiple individuals at various levels within the organization, including the people we support. All employees are expected to create and foster safe spaces for others to offer ideas. Leaders are expected to empower and encourage others to make decisions with group input. At times, the leader or leaders of the group may need to make a final decision, but this should incorporate group input whenever possible. No individual has permission to exercise arbitrary power over another.

Safe and Open Culture
All individuals must be able to communicate their thoughts, feelings, concerns, and ideas in an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect. Environments should foster psychological safety, which is a space that feels safe for people to take risks, share their feelings, express themselves, and question authority without fear of negative consequences or retaliation. If and when conflict arises, it is imperative that every person’s opinion is validated. Each person’s sense of psychological safety is enhanced by the knowledge that all allegations of abuse of power and demeaning behavior will be evaluated and/or investigated.

The philosophy that underpins this Value is the belief that the most effective and satisfying environment is one in which all individuals in the RHD community are actively encouraged to express their beliefs and ideas, regardless of the degree to which these suggestions depart from the norm. An atmosphere that fosters creative working environments helps to promote new ideas and approaches. People are encouraged to respectfully challenge any policies, people, practices, or decisions that may inhibit their ability to be creative. Organizational and program traditions are appropriately valued and always open to discussion. We strongly affirm the importance of maximizing creative choices at all levels of program operations.

Honesty and Trust
The key to this Value is the recognition of the basic goodness and dignity of every human being and that they are viewed as honest and trustworthy. Creating this environment of trust will not only allow each person to live up to expectations and thrive as individuals, but also encourage them to innovate, take initiative and risks, and take ownership of their work in ways that contribute to RHD’s success. The benefits of creating this type of culture outweigh the potential consequences. Finally, this environment of honesty and trust must be coupled with consistent communication, supervision, development, and guidance.

Diversity and Inclusion
Diversity, with regards to a person’s differences, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, age, ability, education, and veteran status are valued, affirmed, and celebrated at RHD. However, intentionally building and celebrating diversity is not enough. We must intentionally work to eradicate all systemic and individual forms of racism, discrimination, and bias that uphold inequities within our organization and community. We must actively work to infuse anti-racism, anti-discrimination, and anti-bias initiatives in all aspects and levels of the organization. Inclusion puts the concept and practice of diversity into action by creating environments of involvement, engagement, respect, and connection where the richness of ideas, backgrounds, and perspectives are welcomed. The organization rejects all discriminatory behaviors toward any individual or group and believes diversity, inclusion, and our differences create a stronger, better RHD.

Organizational Integrity
RHD must conduct all its work with strict adherence to the highest ethical standards and with full transparency, including issues relating to laws and regulations and the proper utilization of funds. With regard to regulatory concerns, each program and department must maintain all appropriate licenses and permits. Integrity regarding fiscal matters requires that each program’s financial decisions are based on the greater or common good and not on individual self-interest. Consequently, all programs and departments are expected to be fiscally responsible, maintain proper documentation, and manage funds with proper safeguards. Finally, a commitment to non-discriminatory behavior must characterize all management decisions and interactions.

Personal and Professional Enrichment
RHD is committed to creating environments that promote the ongoing enrichment and overall wellbeing of the personal and professional lives of the individuals in our community. We believe our impact on the communities we serve is influenced by adopting a “whole person” approach aimed at positively influencing overall wellbeing, including physical and emotional health, quality of work, and our organizational culture. RHD is deeply committed to the growth and development of each member of the RHD community.

Quality Service
RHD programs are required to deliver services that address the needs, preferences, and satisfaction of the people we support, achieve our organizational standards of care, and include evaluation of desired outcomes. All services must be safe, effective, efficient, equitable, and person-centered. Long-term program quality requires an environment which promotes a sense of ownership for our staff and the people we support. This quality is the result of an ongoing process of teamwork and group participation, which fosters a feeling of pride and a sense of accomplishment.