Youth Development

RHD has been serving at-risk youth for nearly 20 years. We pride ourselves in being at the forefront of progressive societal change with our innovative and individualized approach towards serving those who need us.

Offering an array of services that aim to meet the needs of underserved youth, RHD functions to achieve productive and emotionally fulfilling development among children and young adults. RHD supports community-based programs such as Children’s Outreach Services Program that function to dissolve behavioral and developmental barriers that hinder a child’s opportunity for progress.

RHD is a pioneer in creating a diverse array of unique, effective children’s services that have helped thousands of children and their families achieve their behavioral and educational goals.

'RHD really helped my family'

RHD’s diverse children’s services continuum, with a strong network of resources and the ability to provide different services based on the needs of different populations, has helped thousands of children and their families achieve their behavioral and education goals.

With an emphasis on a secure, therapeutic environment, programs such as Stepping Stones are designed to support RHD’s respectful and unique method for serving at risk youth. Since 2004, Stepping Stones has provided mental health services and education to elementary-aged children. With a multidisciplinary treatment team, this program aims to emphasize individual value and education through various therapy-oriented practices.

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  • Children’s Interim Response Team (CIRT)

    RHD’s Children’s Interim Response Team provides time limited, immediate, emergency behavior specialist consulting and therapeutic staff support wraparound services in partnership with Behavioral Health Services. All referrals should be directed …

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  • Children’s Outreach Services Program (COSP)

    COSP provides intensive community-based services to emotionally or developmentally challenged children and adolescents (from birth to age 21). Service needs and treatment recommendations are based on team decisions to ensure …

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  • Early Intervention

    Early Intervention provides treatment for infants and toddlers, birth to three years, with developmental delays. The program has a family focus on skill training to enhance developmental skills of the …

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  • Future Search Network

    Winner of the 2011 Outstanding Global Work Award, presented by OD Network, Future Search Network is an international membership and training organization designed to stimulate innovative community planning using Future …

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  • High Fidelity Wraparound

    The RHD Youth and Family Team is a High Fidelity Wraparound Program that serves Philadelphia youth ages 13-16 and their families. The youth are referred to the team by the …

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  • Lower Merion Counseling & Mobile Services

    This community-based outpatient mental health treatment center includes psychiatrists and therapists providing comprehensive therapeutic mental health and drug and alcohol services to individuals, families, and groups. In addition, an administrative …

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  • New Beginnings Nonprofit Incubator

    The New Beginnings Nonprofit Incubator provides small and startup nonprofit organizations with the support and resources they need to build their capacity and effectiveness. Its mission is to enhance the …

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  • RHD Children’s Services

    RHD’s diverse children’s services continuum, with a strong network of resources and the ability to provide different services based on the needs of different populations, has helped thousands of children …

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  • RHD Rhode Island School Services

    RHD-RI School Services program is fully committed to preparing students for life after high school by providing them with hands-on community based experiences within real life settings. Participants take part …

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  • School Therapeutic Services

    School Therapeutic Services is an intensive, short-term service offered in selected schools in the Philadelphia School District. This program was developed to support students whose emotional and behavioral issues create …

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  • Stepping Stones

    Stepping Stones is a long-term partial hospital program serving children ages 6 to 11 from the Philadelphia area. The program provides specialized education services as well as individual, group and …

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  • Student Therapy and Resource Services (STARS)

    RHD’s STARS Program (formerly Mastery) works with a variety of Philadelphia charter schools to provide mental health / counseling services to students with an identified need. Our licensed clinicians maintain …

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  • The Mazeway Project

    The Mazeway Project is based on the book, NAVIGATING THE MAZEWAY: Fulfilling Our Best Possibilities As Individuals and As Societies. The author, Tony Parrotto, defines three courses/processes: Life Mapping takes …

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  • Urban Youth Program

    The Urban Youth Program trains college and high school students to work in residential or vocational settings with children or adults with developmental disabilities. The program provides other organizations with …

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