Those who serve our nation in the military, whether during wartime or peace, sometimes need help reintegrating into civilian society. Over the years, RHD has assisted veterans with issues of homelessness, drug or alcohol abuse, incarceration, trauma, mental illness and anxiety in its human-services programs throughout the country.

In 2009, alarmed at the nation’s lack of capacity to help them, RHD began a nationwide program for Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans – and their families – aimed at easing the difficult transition stateside. Called Healing Ajax, the project is based on veterans who’ve made the transition successfully guiding those who haven’t yet done so, using a trauma-recovery group support model especially modified for combat veterans. Stigma-free and solidly confidential, Healing Ajax aims to serve tens of thousands of veterans and family members.

RHD created a Veterans Interest Group made up of veterans, family members of veterans, and others who serve or care about veterans. These RHD employees from across the country are looking for ways to recruit more veterans to work at RHD, as well as to expand our programs that serve veterans.

At RHD, you can be part of a new mission

RHD does life-changing work with people in need, but it’s also a national corporation that offers rewarding careers in budgeting, billing, clinical and case management, and much more. RHD is growing nationally and has openings for full- and part-time positions, with an emphasis on hiring veterans. See how veterans have put their skills and experience to good use at RHD.

America’s fighting men and women deserve America’s care upon their return to civilian life. RHD respects the sacrifices our veterans and their families have made to the country and is committed to help them successfully manage their reintegration. All the programs listed below assist veterans. Please click on the links for more information.

'There with you then. Here for you now.'

No one understands the transition from the battlefield to the homefront like someone who has endured it and managed it. That’s why RHD’s Healing Ajax program for veterans battling issues from PTSD to depression relies upon peer support groups led by trained veterans.

Veterans are always welcome at the multitude of RHD programs throughout the nation. As veterans’ issues accelerate as a result of the growing number of men and women sent into combat situations and returning home, RHD specializes in services directly addressing veterans needs.

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  • Healing Ajax

    Recently merged with Lower Merion Counseling & Mobile Services (LMCMS), Healing Ajax is an innovative, brothers-in-arms approach, brothers-in-arms approach to helping Iraq, Afghanistan and other war veterans reintegrate into society. …

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  • New Start I

    New Start I is a Level 2B residential treatment program that provides new and innovative ways to service men in the Journey of Hope Program with co-occurring mental health and …

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