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RHD is a values-driven organization focused on redefining corporate values. We demonstrate our commitment to employees by actively listening and responding to their concerns. All employees are encouraged to participate in ongoing dialogues that challenge and enhance our work culture. Supporting and promoting RHD Values is a requirement for all members of the organization. RHD operates without divisive walls, cubicles, or private offices, with the CEO working alongside everyone on the main floor. Our experience highlights that a relaxed atmosphere fosters open and direct employee interactions, resulting in a significantly improved work environment and positive attitudes. We prioritize group decision-making to grant staff maximum authority, creativity, freedom, and support in meeting the needs of the people we serve.

Forbes Names RHD Best Mid-Size Employer!

RHD, the organization that promotes the ongoing development and overall well-being of its employees, was proud to be named one of America’s Best Mid-Sized Employers by Forbes.


RHD offers various benefits to eligible employees, including Social Security, Worker’s Compensation, and Unemployment Insurance. Additional benefits hinge on factors like salary and job status. RHD also provides employee resources like assistance, internal education, and leadership programs.


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