From the beginning, Resources for Human Development set out to grow a different kind of corporation, one based on a values-driven approach and an organizational structure that encourages and empowers employees to be more responsive to the people they serve – and each other.

RHD’s administrative structure is guided by CEO Marco Giordano and an Executive Team, which focuses on the overarching needs of the corporation. RHD’s services are organized by divisions headed by Executive Vice Presidents (EVPs). This administrative structure allows the Executive Team to empower the leadership of the divisions, to oversee RHD’s growth as a center of excellence and national leader in delivering trauma-informed, person-centered services and to instill clear lines of communication, responsibility, and accountability throughout the organization. This structure is designed to give the EVPs and other stakeholders who are closer to the day-to-day work the ability and freedom to manage programmatic, operational and administrative needs more effectively and efficiently.

RHD Executive Team

The Executive Team works together to support RHD programs across divisions in the delivery of high quality services, to promote and preserve RHD’s values-driven culture throughout the organization, to support the movement toward being a Trauma Informed Organization, and to keep RHD financially stable, sustainable, and strong.

The success of the organization requires effective collaboration among all team members. The strengths and perspectives of each member come together to provide diversity of thought and organizational leadership. Through this collaboration the team provides and builds upon broad operating principles, values, and philosophy.

The Executive Team is responsible for the development and communication of business strategy and short- and long-term plans and goals informed by the larger RHD Community as well as external factors. The team is responsible for regularly reviewing and analyzing financial and programmatic performance. The team is also responsible for developing metrics and indicators of progress of major initiatives and measuring those metrics against the strategic objectives and values of the organization.
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RHD Board of Directors

RHD’s Board of Directors meets monthly, and helps oversee RHD’s activities through legal governance and financial management. Members of RHD’s Board of Directors serve on a volunteer basis, and help secure the sustainability and Values-driven mission of RHD.
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