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Resources for Human Development is a national leader in creating arts-based day programs for people with intellectual disabilities, nationally-renowned crisis services, one of the largest nurse-managed health care networks in the country, and much more. Please check out RHD’s many success stories and case studies, view RHD videos on programs across the country, see how RHD is making headlines with ground-breaking services or join the conversation on the RHD blog. Use these links to keep up to date with everything that’s happening at RHD:

RHD Success Stories

Whether it is a man in Tennessee learning to speak after 52 years in silence, the creation of world-renowned approaches to federally qualified health centers and crisis residences, or cutting-edge creative arts programs for people with intellectual disabilities, RHD specializes in innovative, effective and creative solutions wherever the need exists.

RHD's Newsletter

RHD’s Newsletter is published quarterly, and features news about RHD programs and our clients. See how RHD’s diverse services help people build better lives, families and communities in programs across the country.

RHD Annual Report

Each year, RHD provides essential day and residential services to more than 25,000 individuals, while RHD’s community health centers provide care to more than 24,000 patients.

RHD in the News

RHD programs and staff consistently draw national attention for innovation and effectiveness. See how RHD is making headlines amd changing lives with ground-breaking services, or join the conversation on the RHD blog.


RHD supports more than 160 programs across the country. People with developmental disabilities, mental illness, addictions, and homeless individuals and families have all benefited from the compassionate care and support provided through RHD programs.

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