‘RHD saved my life’

Whether it is a man in Tennessee learning to speak after 52 years in silence, the creation of world-renowned approaches to federally qualified health centers and crisis residences, or cutting-edge creative arts programs for people with intellectual disabilities, RHD specializes in innovative, effective and creative solutions wherever the need exists. Read about the many success stories happening at RHD programs across the country here:


After 52 years in silence, Randall speaks his first words to caregiver Aerry in RHD Nashville.

Toy Story

RHD Rhode Island works with toymakers from Hasbro in an exciting collaboration.

'You're heroic'

Iconic actor and activist Richard Gere visited with RHD’s One Step Away and praised the work Philadelphia’s street newspaper is doing to fight homelessness. One Step Away is a source of meaningful income and a voice of advocacy for people experiencing homelessness.

'Idealism and reality put together'

The Please Touch Museum, Philadelphia’s world-renowned children’s museum, began as an RHD program in 1976. Portia Sperr, Please Touch founder, tells the story of an innovative idea that became a great success story at RHD’s nonprofit incubator program.

On-Time Arrival

With support from RHD’s Team ARRIVE, 200 RHD clients who were interested and had the capacity moved from 24/7 residential care into supported independent living in their own apartments.

Center of Excellence

RHD’s Montgomery County Recovery Center was recognized as a Center of Excellence for its work in as a leader in fighting the opioid epidemic in Pennsylvania.

In touch

Kelly, an artist who is deaf and blind, finds a new way to communicate at RHD’s Center for Creative Works. Since 2011, artist Kelly Brown has been weaving sculptures at CCW, using her entire body to create pieces that have been exhibited across the country.

We Were Made For Lovin' This

Rock legend Gene Simmons, bassist and co-lead singer of KISS, got a painting of the band by Hans, an artist at RHD Rhode Island. RHD Rhode Island is a creative, fun, intellectually stimulating, art-based day program for people with intellectual disabilities.

A life (still) in progress

Iggy & Antjuan, a couple with intellectual disabilities, kept their family together with support from RHD

Recovery Diaries

RHD’s United Peers shares journey of recovery in WHYY documentary featuring United Peers client and certified peer specialist Brenda and United Peers director Sheila Hall-Prioleau.