About Us

You can help Street2Feet provide vital services to people experiencing homelessness. Street2Feet is the only day shelter and outreach program for adults who are homeless or facing homelessness in Monroe County. Your support continues to make sure our clients will always have a place to go.

Without Street2Feet, our community will experience an increase in emergency room visits, incarcerations, and loitering in our public parks and streets. Research shows that providing assistance like the services found at Street2Feet to someone experiencing homelessness results in reduced utilization of publicly funded systems such as police, hospital, emergency and inpatient services, and the correctional systems.


To keep our doors open and to make an essential impact in our community we continue to host fundraisers and accept donations, with generous support coming from Sanofi Pasteur, Hughes Family Foundation, Jordon Endowment Fund and Wells Fargo. You can help Street2Feet Outreach Center provide vital services to people experiencing homelessness, including case management; linkage to mental health services; linkage to Drug & Alcohol services; medical clinic; dental clinic; GED instruction; and vocational support.

These are the critical needs your gift will address:

$1,250 – The monthly rent for the day shelter to support 90 adults visiting the shelter more than 450 times.
$900 – The monthly cost to provide outdoor supplies such as tents, sleeping bags, flashlights, and other essentials for the homeless in Monroe County.
$625 – The monthly cost for internet, phones, fax, stamps, etc. for clients to search for jobs, fill out job applications, find apartments and access government services.
$250 – The monthly cost to provide the laundry facility, towels, showers, and personal hygiene supplies for men and women who are homeless.
$135 – The average cost for one adult to receive case management services at Street2Feet.
$50 – The intake cost to connect one adult to with local food pantries, emergency shelter, community meals, clothing closets etc.
$10 –  The cost of a backpack to supply a homeless client with a safe place to keep their belongings.

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