Wake County Bridge Housing

In partnership with Alliance Health, Wake County, TCLI, The UNC Familiar Faces Health Collaborative, and other community stakeholders, RHD is pleased to offer Wake County Bridge Housing.

This program will operate according to the principles of the Housing First Model, designed to help participants secure permanent housing as the primary goal. Other goals include obtaining medical and dental care, addressing mental health barriers, earning income, securing entitlements and benefits, and acquiring knowledge/skills related to the Social Determinants of Health through intensive case management, community-based trainings, and other service offerings.

Wake County Bridge Housing consists of two locations, each including three bedrooms. Each participant will have their own private bedroom, refrigerator, and microwave as well as a shared full kitchen and living room space. Participants may stay for up to five months while they gain the necessary skills to move to a more independent, long-term housing option of their choice. Participants do not pay rent or program fees but are expected to engage in services and utilize available resources to secure permanent housing during their stay.

Participants working with the Familiar Faces Collaborative can expect support and resources during a transition period in addition to RHD’s services. To learn more about the Familiar Faces collaborative, please visit: https://clinicalscholarsnli.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Project-Detailed-Description-Wake-County-Familiar-Faces-Health-Collaborative.pdf

Those who are working with TCLI (Transitions to Community Living Initiative) will receive support and resources from their TCLI “Team” beyond the RHD offerings. To learn more about TCLI, please visit: https://www.ncdhhs.gov/about/department-initiatives/transitions-community-living

In addition to providing an opportunity for program participants to obtain permanent housing and achieve their personal goals, there are many secondary benefits for our local community. We are very optimistic about the program’s potential for success! RHD’s previous Bridge Housing program helped 42 Wake County participants move into permanent housing in their chosen communities in just over two years.


Please direct all referral/admission questions to: [email protected] The referral form can be found here.


RHD North Carolina Wake County Bridge Housing

“I knew this was my opportunity; to have the support of the staff, to have case management to help guide me in my search for housing was phenomenal,” Danina said.

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  • 2021

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  • Sean Porter, Site Supervisor
  • Nicholas Hobbs, State Director

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