POWER (Program of Wellness, Empowerment, and Recovery) is a Psychiatric Rehabilitation program providing services for individuals with Severe and Persistent Mental Health Challenges. POWER currently serves Carbon and Schuylkill Counties.

"My life is better than ever"

After years of abuse and trauma, Sharon had withdrawn to the point where she described herself as being “in a cocoon. But POWER helped me sprout into a butterfly.” RHD POWER is a psychiatric rehabilitation program providing group and individual mobile services to people recovering from serious and persistent mental illness.

POWER has expanded services to include a COMPASS Mobile Medication Program, a voluntary mobile services program for adults living in Schuylkill County who have been diagnosed with serious and persistent mental health challenges and who are experiencing difficulties progressing through their recovery journey due to inconsistent adherence to and/or lack of education relating to one’s prescribed medication regimen.

Download POWER’s referral form here