Kenneth Ader

Baroness Martin, M.I.L.R.

Deanna Cerwin, C.P.A.

Linda Donovan-Magdamo, M.S.

Sandy Cox-Scales, M.H.S.

Todd Silverstein

Honoring Leadership and Embracing Community at RHD’s Wister Street

RHD’s Wister Street’s annual Friends and Family event is always a joyous occasion. On Friday, August 25th, this year’s gathering took place outside of the program’s headquarters, which is in …

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The Power of Dialectical Behavior Therapy

In the journey to conquer emotional turmoil and empower personal transformation, a pioneering psychotherapy called Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) has emerged as a beacon of hope. Initially developed by psychologist …

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Making a Real Impact in Crisis Prevention and Intervention

Today, we still see unfounded and unfair misconceptions and bias toward individuals diagnosed with an intellectual and/or developmental disability. RHD is dedicated to challenging these misguided prejudices and breaking down …

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Congratulations to the Leadership Development Program Class of 2023!

At RHD, we’re dedicated to personal and professional growth, creating environments that enrich the lives of our community members. Our Leadership Development Program (LDP) embodies this commitment. Designed by RHD …

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Mobile Crisis Intervention Unit Receives Acclaim for Transforming Mental Health Care

  RHD’s New Orleans Mobile Crisis Intervention Unit (MCIU) has garnered significant coverage in the local press for its lauded efforts in addressing mental health issues within the city. FOX …

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CHOC Honored with Recovery & Resiliency Award During Inspiring Ceremony

Martha’s Community Farm, nestled in the idyllic suburb of Audubon, PA, radiates a spirit of compassion and resilience. This enchanting 9-acre farm stands as a beacon of hope, supporting the …

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RHD’s New Orleans Mobile Crisis Intervention Unit is Available Now!

In the vibrant city of New Orleans, a groundbreaking initiative is reshaping the way RHD responds to behavioral health crises. On June 1, 2023, the New Orleans Mobile Crisis Intervention …

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RHD Lifesharing Participant Receives Self-Advocacy Award

RHD Lifesharing had a great reason to celebrate on the afternoon of March 28, when one of its participants, Brandon Gessitz, received a Self-Advocacy Achievement award during the 17th Annual …

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“It was the Happiest Day of my Life!”

That’s how Kirk describes the day he received his motorized wheelchair from RHD’s Street2Feet (S2F) Outreach Center in Stroudsburg, PA. Kirk is a 63-year-old homeless man, and in 2017, he …

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Center for Creative Works Has Their Best Outsider Art Fair Yet

“I love going to New York City because of the noisy sounds. The city never sleeps,” says Allen Yu, an artist at RHD’s Center for Creative Works (CCW). Allen was …

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