Mobile Crisis Intervention Unit Receives Acclaim for Transforming Mental Health Care

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RHD’s New Orleans Mobile Crisis Intervention Unit (MCIU) has garnered significant coverage in the local press for its lauded efforts in addressing mental health issues within the city. FOX 8 Live highlighted the unit’s launch by the City of New Orleans Health Department, emphasizing its goal of providing immediate assistance to individuals in mental health crises. WWL-TV explored the unit’s role in delivering accessible mental health care and reducing the burden on police and emergency departments. An editorial on praised the unit for supporting police officers by supporting individuals with mental health issues and emphasized the need for sustained community support and funding. RHD partnered with the City of New Orleans Health Department and launched the MCIU on June 1st. The new program directly integrates with the New Orleans 9-1-1 system to dispatch mental health professionals to acute, non-violent mental health crises. Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Since its launch on June 1st, the MCIU has already received over 90 calls, resulting in a 36% decrease in police involvement in behavioral health emergencies.