RHD Louisiana

RHD has been providing services in the New Orleans area since 1992 with the creation of Family House Louisiana, a long-term residential treatment facility for chemically dependent mothers and their children. Today, that one program has grown into a diverse human-services network that provides vital day and residential services to the community.

Jefferson Parish Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Teams
Metropolitan Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Teams
Metropolitan Crisis Response Team (MCRT)
New Orleans Mobile Crisis Unit (MCIU)

RHD Louisiana programs are committed to the fundamental value of dignity and respect for all, to the empowerment of those we serve and our employees, and to a collaborative management model. As part of a values-driven organization with the broadest possible service mission, RHD Louisiana is uniquely positioned to respond to a wide variety of individual and community challenges, sharing resources and working together in partnership to better serve our clients.

Some of this is geography; RHD’s Louisiana programs are all grouped within a few miles of each other, and the people who work there simply interact more often. Some of this is the values of Resources for Human Development; respect, independent decision-making and open communication are among the cornerstones of every program RHD has founded in Louisiana. But some of it is about New Orleans, a tight-knit community that is always there for each other. RHD Louisiana is an extension of that spirit.

At RHD Louisiana, our mission is to provide caring, effective, efficient and innovative services that help people of all abilities achieve the highest level of independence possible and build better lives for themselves, their families and their communities.