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Participant Eligibility:

• Participant must be at least 18 years of age and no older than 25 at the time of admission.
• Participant must identify as a male.
• Participant must be identified as being homeless by DBH
• Participants must be referred by the Office of Behavioral Health.
• Participants must be evaluated by a Psychiatrist and attending Medical Physician.
• Participants must not require the use of physical or chemical restraints or isolation to management symptoms.
• Participants must have the cognitive physical and psychological ability to participate in the program.
• Participants must agree to accept and follow program guidelines.
• Participants must not require nursing care and/or treatment.
• Participants must not require care beyond which the facility is permitted and able to provide per department of Public Welfare regulations.

Program Requirements:

• Participants will complete a Functional/Psychosocial Assessment with a life skills counselor.
• Participants will collaborate with a life skills counselor by informing them of their stated goals to produce a RSP (Recovery Service Plan).
• Participant and their LSC will conduct a needs assessment to see if additional services are needed, such as: ICM, Mobile Psych Rehab, Peer Support, Assertive Case Manager, etc.
• Participant will work collaboratively with his recovery team to fill out and submit an application in order to obtain a permanent supportive housing voucher from PHA.
• Participants are encouraged to invite their support team to help them on their journey to recovery.