La Casa

RHD’s La Casa provides a safe, transitional housing for emerging young adults who are experiencing homelessness and mental health challenges. La Casa is dedicated to teaching young adults, life skills building around evidence-based practices that will help them reintegrate back into the community of their choice.

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Program eligibility and requirements

La Casa focuses on the growth of the individual, with the goal of increasing independence as our clients work toward being productive members of society. To accomplish this, La Casa provides a supportive and caring homelike environment that focuses on recovery.

Respect and dignity help to encourage understanding and compassion, and increase an individual’s positive development and life skills building that supports more independent living. The staff at La Casa is highly motivated, hard-working, and very enthusiastic about working with the young adult population. They’ve had trauma-informed, cultural competency, motivational interviewing, and a host of other trainings as a means to provide a standard of excellence to our clients.

'I felt like I made it'

RHD’s La Casa is Philadelphia’s only safe haven for young males experiencing homelessness.