Veterans at RHD

Since 1970, RHD has been helping people realize their hopes by fostering a values-based culture of respect for the dignity and worth of individuals in need.

I joined the Marine Corps because I felt a sense of higher purpose, to belong and contribute to something greater than myself. In many ways, working at RHD is still a fulfillment of that purpose. We strive to help the “lost causes,” take on “impossible missions.” Every unit at RHD has a success story of someone they support that was deemed “just too hard.” Logistics, taking care of my people, budgeting, counseling, accountability, and doing the right things for the right reasons are just a handful of things I learned in the Marines that have transferred over to being a Director at RHD. What’s really nice is that RHD recognizes those abilities and offers me a chance to use, develop, and enhance those skills. — James Huffman, Director, RHD’s Blank Canvas Studios

But it’s also a national corporation that does revenues in excess of $260 million a year, and offers rewarding careers in budgeting, billing, clinical and case management, and much, much more. RHD is looking for the right people to join our team. We respect what veterans bring to the workplace and want to help veterans put their skills and experience to good use.

RHD really honors and embraces veterans, and values what we bring to an organization. The kind of support, all through the work day and beyond, that you find at RHD is truly special. They value you as a person, they’re encouraging, they treat you with dignity and respect. They care. RHD works with you to accomplish your goals, personally and professionally, as you re-integrate back into society. When I was in the Navy, I did what I did not just for me but for others. I enjoyed that kind of selflessness in service. I wanted to feel part of a bigger plan, and providing support for people in need gives me that at RHD. For a veteran, RHD is the place to be. — Susan Fleetwood, Tenant Services Coordinator, RHD’s Team ARRIVE

RHD serves more than 50,000 individuals each year and employs more than 5,000 staff across the country, providing innovative, effective, quality services wherever the need exists. RHD is growing nationally and we frequently have openings for full- and part-time positions, with an emphasis on hiring veterans. At RHD, Veterans can be part of a new mission.

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