Valley Breeze covers Kings & Queens of Rock & Roll, band of RHD Rhode Island clients, releasing their first album

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The Kings and Queens of Rock and Roll, made up of clients at RHD Rhode Island and supported by staff, is dropping their first album. The Valley Breeze has the scoop on this group from RHD-Rhode Island, a creative, fun, intellectually stimulating, art-based day program for people with developmental disabilities in a story titled “Kings and Queens of Rock and Roll release first album”

Unlike other bands, however, the Kings and Queens of Rock and Roll perform for free and remain hyper-local. The band is composed of two staff members and several clients of Resources for Human Development Rhode Island (RHD-RI), a nonprofit, arts-based studio program serving adults with a range of disabilities.
Patrick Baron, a RHD-RI direct support professional and the band leader, explained why band members have so much fun together, whether playing for themselves or an audience.
“It’s an avenue of expression; that’s the best part of music,” he said. “Music is a good place to put your feelings.”

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