Together, We Can

“Growing up, I heard: You can’t, you’ll never, you won’t … RHD was the first place where I meet people who told me I could accomplish anything I wanted. And at RHD, I’ve accomplished a lot.”
Ken, a client at RHD Boston

RHD creates and supports a diverse array of human services programs across the country, but one common thread informs everything we do — the steadfast belief that every person, no matter what their challenges, should be treated with dignity and have the opportunity to develop their full potential. So many of the people with whom we’re privileged to work have been defined by what they can’t do. But at RHD, we believe that people can.

At Resources for Human Development, our clients achieve the highest level of independence possible and build their most successful lives; our donors, funders and partners have the greatest impact on their communities; our employees build careers they can be proud of. No one does it alone. At RHD, you’re our partner. And when our donors, partners, funders, caring staff, and the individuals we serve all come together to create a community called RHD, we work together to change people’s lives.

Together, We’re Better. Because together, we can.

Together we can CREATE

Your support helps give people like Paige a community where artists with intellectual disabilities have the opportunity to create art and be celebrated for their work in RHD programs that foster growth, passion and creativity.

Together we can RECOVER

Your support helps people like Philomena live successfully in recovery from mental health challenges at RHD programs across the country, where thousands of people find the support they need to build their most successful lives.

Together we can HOPE

Your support helps people in RHD programs around the country hope for a better life, as they work to achieve the highest level of independence possible and build better lives for themselves, their families and their communities.

Together we can GROW

Your support helps give people like Diane the opportunity for extraordinary personal growth in RHD programs that provide people with the opportunity to live to their fullest potential.

Together we can SUCCEED

Thanks to your support, thousands of people like Maxine are able to build their most successful lives in RHD programs across the country. Their milestones and successes, large and small, are made possible through the generosity of people like you.