Working at RHD

At RHD, you are accepted for who you are, which allows everyone to be the unique individual that all human beings are. — Tyron Williams, Corporate Incident Manager


I love that RHD is unabashedly innovative, both in how it operates internally and also in how it creates a social impact in the community. As an employee, I can easily see that RHD values and appreciates its staff in ways that represent a larger commitment to cultivating the human spirit, which is particularly rare — though perhaps even more important — in the nonprofit sector. At RHD, I feel proud of the programs I support and I also have fun. You can’t get much better than that. — Theresa Jenkinson, Director of Strategic Initiatives



I love working at RHD because every second of hard work is worth every miracle and moment of growth we are responsible for fostering. We believe in change, in people, and in doing good for the world — and that is why this is an organization I proudly represent. — Katherine Freiderich, Direct Service Professional, RHD Nebraska



They valued the person that I was. RHD is always there to help support any dream that you want to reach, or any goal that you have. — Sheila Hall-Prioleau, Director, United Peers