Street2Feet Partners with Bombas to Provide 7,500 Socks to Homeless Community

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Keeping feet warm since 2014, RHD’s Street2Feet has provided essential day shelter and outreach services to the homeless community in Monroe County, PA. In recent years, the program has teamed up with Bombas’ Giving campaign to provide socks to those in need. The campaign works simply: for every item bought, Bombas donates a matching item. Working with shelters and non-profits, Bombas ensures these items directly reach homeless individuals. 

Bombas has a thorough application process to guarantee donations reach those most in need. Describing the process, Street2Feet program director Leslie Perryman emphasized the thoroughness required, including detailed organization narratives and commitments to ethical distribution practices. When it came time to fill out a renewal form for 2024, Leslie decided to order more socks than usual – 7,500, in fact. She shared, it was basically “a shot in the dark. My goal is always aim high, expect low, especially when it comes to donations and grants and giving.” To Leslie’s surprise and delight, Bombas approved the full quantity, which arrived on Monday, February 12. 

Street2Feet’s participants now have the opportunity to regularly acquire durable, warm socks that will provide comfort and protection for their feet through the harsh conditions they face. “The participants love Bombas socks because they are good quality,” Leslie explained. There will be also opportunities to acquire other Bombas items, such as thermal wear, t-shirts, and underwear. It’s just one of the valuable relationships that Street2Feet has developed with clothing manufacturers. A manager from a local Tommy Hilfiger store reached out last year, wanting to donate clothes with minor defects, such as a missing button or loose thread. The store manager thought of Street2Feet because her father used Street2Feet’s services, and he credits the program with getting him back on his feet. He continues to thrive today, living independently and staying close to family and friends. The first delivery from Tommy Hilfiger arrived at Street2Feet in January of 2024. 

Leslie and her staff organize donated clothing on racks and in bins so people can easily find what they need without having to ask. Carefully sorting through donations to ensure they’re in good condition, they avoid anything worn out or damaged. Street2Feet’s partnerships demonstrate the positive impact of community-driven initiatives. As the program continues its mission of empowerment and support, it builds stronger, more resilient communities through compassion and solidarity. To support Street2Feet, visit