Sioux Falls Argus Leader profiles RHD Shared Living: “Home Sweet Home: Shared Living program creates new opportunity”

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The Sioux Falls Argus Leader featured RHD Shared Living in South Dakota in a story on Ben Graff and his family titled “Home Sweet Home: Shared Living creates new opportunity for Ben Graff and family.” Ben has developmental disabilities, and his family has gained support from RHD Shared Living in providing a safe and caring environment where Ben can live a full and meaningful life with as much independence as possible. “Ben is in a home with someone who cares about him,” said Ben’s mother Debbie. “I never would’ve thought his life would have had a total turnaround like this.”

Ben’s parents, Neil and Debbie Graff, weren’t sure if the 25-year-old would ever be able to live on his own, without their constant care. Diagnosed with global developmental disorder at 2 years old, Ben’s been heavily dependent on his family his whole life and is experiencing self-governance for the first time.
“As Debbie and I are aging, Ben’s working on establishing his own, independent life,” said Neil, a former NFL quarterback who works as a financial adviser in Sioux Falls.
A program from Resources for Human Development South Dakota called Shared Living has helped make it possible.
Shared Living has taken off in South Dakota in the last two years. The first employee started in June 2017 and now the program serves 19 individuals with disabilities across the state. Most of them have been paired with families looking to add to their lives and help someone looking to get a fresh start on their own.
Shared Living is about building healthy, happy relationships that last, said program director Kelli Anderson.
“It’s a different way of living,” Anderson said.

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RHD Shared Living develops housing and community-based support services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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