RHD’s Live Yes Studios featured on KLKN-TV in Lincoln: ‘What we do is magical’

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RHD’s Live Yes Studios was featured on Channel 8 KLKN TV in Lincoln. Live Yes Studios is an alternative arts-based day program for adults with developmental disabilities that seeks to break down societal barriers and create a space where individuality is fostered. Live Yes celebrates the unique abilities each person brings to this open and creative environment.

Live Yes Studios has been providing Lincoln adults with developmental disabilities a safe space to get creative since 2011.
“At the other studio we were all in just one area now this studio there is a lot more places we can all work,” local artist Stacy said.
It’s not just about what’s on the canvas. The studio’s nearly 30 artists also have space for sculpting, working with clay, sewing, cooking and making music.
“I’ve been here almost three years and I’ve seen all the clients grow as individuals in terms of being able to advocate for themselves and express themselves in constructive positive ways,” Jessica Prenosil of Live Yes Studios said.
“It’s helped my coping skills and my aggression,” artist Desiree said.
“We are here to encourage them to continue to grow and embrace who they are as individuals and appreciate their uniqueness which is something I think all of us need to do,” Prenosil said. “I feel like what we do here is pretty magical and I want everyone to know about it.”
Live Yes Studios will be hosting its first ever fundraiser here at its studio on August 12.

Watch the video here