RHD Shared Living in South Dakota featured on KELO-TV: ‘Shared Living, Meaningful Life’

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KELO-TV in South Dakota featured the story of Deb Docken and her daughter Patricia, who has intellectual disabilities, and their search for a safe and caring environment where Patricia can live a full and meaningful life. RHD Shared Living provides an option for the family that they believe would be a fit for them:

“As a parent, one of the thoughts you have is I need to outlive my child by one day, because I need to be there to provide the supports; to provide the care,” Deb said. 
Deb has more peace of mind, thanks to a new program from Resources for Human Development South Dakota called Shared Living.  It will be an option for Patricia when Deb and her husband are no longer able to care for her. 
“Patricia’s used to living in a family home and used to that type of environment,” Kelli Anderson, RHD Director, said.
Shared Living matches families or individuals with men and women who have developmental or intellectual disabilities.  Instead of going to a facility, Patricia would live with a family who has agreed to welcome her in. 
“The individual would move in with them.  They would essentially become part of a family unit, and — you know — go to birthday parties, and Christmas with an extended family,” Anderson said. 
Deb thinks this would be the best option for her daughter, based on what Patricia likes and needs.

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RHD Shared Living program in South Dakota develops housing and community-based support services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The Shared Living provider is a community-based, family-oriented home that offers people the ability to participate and contribute to the household, while promoting personal growth and independence. Shared Living providers receive extensive support, training, and ongoing oversight in order to support and assist the individual in service. RHD combines housing and a full array of community supports to help individuals achieve stability and live successfully in the community.

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