RHD Shared Living in South Dakota featured on KELO-TV: ‘New Option for Adults with Developmental Disabilities’

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KELO-TV in South Dakota featured a story on how RHD Shared Living supports Ben, who has developmental disabilities, and his family by providing a safe and caring environment where Ben can live a full and meaningful life with as much independence as possible. Ben’s mother Debbie Graff calls the support they’ve received at RHD Shared Living “just a blessing.”

Ben Graff has just passed a milestone most 24-year-olds take for granted. He’s just moved into a place of his own.
“That was always a dream of ours. We weren’t sure it was going to come true, but it did,” Ben’s mom Debbie Graff said.
Ben’s parents were worried about what would happen with Ben as they age and caring for him becomes more difficult.
“He cannot be left alone. He needs help with brushing his teeth, washing his face, getting dressed–all the things, feeding,” Debbie Graff said.
Kayla Harris and Jenna Askelson have now taken on the role as Ben’s caregivers. It’s through a new program to South Dakota called Resources for Human Development.
“So this environment where it’s small, it’s quiet, where it’s his home–he gets to operate things. It’s his bathroom it’s his kitchen, those type of things–are just a lot more meaningful in his life,” Kelli Anderson of Resources for Human Development said.

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RHD Shared Living program in South Dakota develops housing and community-based support services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The Shared Living provider is a community-based, family-oriented home that offers people the ability to participate and contribute to the household, while promoting personal growth and independence. Shared Living providers receive extensive support, training, and ongoing oversight in order to support and assist the individual in service. RHD combines housing and a full array of community supports to help individuals achieve stability and live successfully in the community.

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