RHD Pittsburgh gives back to the community with bikes for kids

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We appreciate the very gracious note Joel sent us to say thank you for his new bike — but it was just a recognition of how much RHD values our neighbors. From Ellwood City Mayor Anthony Court, RHD Pittsburgh programs heard about a number of young people who’d worked all year to save money for a new bike, but decided instead to spend that money on a mission to the Dominican Republic to help people in need. RHD Pittsburgh programs pooled some resources and delivered new bikes to Joel and his friends (the fact that the bikes are trimmed in RHD green is purely coincidental). Joel wrote this thank you note to RHD Regional Director Jeff DeSantis:

Dear Mr. DeSantis, Thank you so much for the bike. It was really gracious and kind-hearted of you to send me this. I know you are aware of my recent mission’s trip to the Dominican Republic. Although I am grateful for this bike, the mission’s trip was not for me. It was for the people of the Dominican Republic, and it was also for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I hope to go back to the DR next year, and do very much more than I did just a few months ago. I am already raising money to fund my trip next year. Thank you again so much, I love the bike!

You’re welcome, Joel! RHD programs don’t just deliver services in the community, they’re engaged members of that community. In Western Pennsylvania, RHD delivers a range of services for people in addiction recovery and people with mental health challenges.