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This recovery-focused, multidisciplinary, assertive community treatment (ACT) program is the centerpiece of a Supportive Housing initiative called FUSE, which is sponsored by the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office. FUSE is designed to serve people who are caught in an endless cycle of incarcerations, hospitalizations, and crisis care due to homelessness and mental illness. As the ACT provider, RHD will provide housing, treatment, and support services to 100 homeless adults with severe and persistent mental illness. Assertive Community Treatment Teams provide psychiatric assessment, medication education and management, treatment for co-occuring disorders, psychosocial services and education, peer support, and intervention to help strengthen the individual’s networks. Case managers work with individuals to find housing, increase personal and financial independence, overcome barriers compromising access to treatment, build and expand capabilities in roles and relationships within the community, and acquire skills to support self-determination and self-management of the symptoms or challenges related to their illness. They also work with property owners to help manage the landlord-tenant relationship.

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The Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG-CV-49) awarded by THDA (Tennessee Housing Development Agency) provides funding resources for individuals in the program.

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Donate to this Program

Program Start Year

  • 2022


  • Vernita Latten, Program Director

Contact Information

  • phone 423-654-7640
  • fax 423-654-7639
  • email [email protected]
  • location 5751 Uptain Rd. Suite 102
    Chattanooga, TN 37411