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RHD Missouri’s Residential Program meets clients’ needs with respect and dignity and places a premium on quality of life. We offer shared living service options that include companion and host models, as well as intermittent support service models. As housemates, our companions and hosts build close relationships with clients by working together to achieve a mutually satisfying home life. Clients maintain control over their own lives and receive personalized direct care support to promote independence at home and in the community.

Shared Living Companion Model

RHD’s companion model allows participants to reside in their own homes with a live-in caregiver chosen by the client and their family. Companions assist with daily activities, such as housekeeping, hygiene, medications, meal prep, etc., and take part in social and recreational activities to help clients gain independence and establish community connections. By acting as positive role models, companions provide friendship and mentorship and foster caring relationships. RHD is committed to exhibiting dignity and respect for all human beings, empowering our consumers and staff, and exercising flexibility to meet the changing needs of those we serve.

Shared Living Host Homes

In the host home program, individuals live with a caregiver of their choice in the caregiver’s home. Participants gain the stability and independence that comes with living in the community in a family-oriented model. Individuals receive support in expanding their circle of friendships, pursuing interests, and becoming active members of their communities. Host homes can be a variety of living situations – a two-parent family, a family with children, empty nesters, retirees, or a single person looking to make a difference in someone’s life by providing a safe home and quality care to an individual with disabilities.


Independent Supported Living (ISL) Model

RHD’s ISL Program is comprised of community-based homes where individuals receive up to 24-hour support while sharing an apartment or home with others. Participants residing in ISLs are encouraged to participate as members of their local communities.  Staff provide support through shifts, which allows for flexibility in scheduling and provides the opportunity for residents to build meaningful relationships with multiple caregivers. The supports in this model are tailored to each participant, but may include assistance with daily hygiene, grocery shopping, cooking, medication administration, learning about and accessing community resources, and help building and maintaining relationships with others.  As with our other models, dignity, respect, and choice are key components of the program.

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