New Start II At Jackson Street

New Start II at Jackson Street is a long-term residential treatment facility that provides intensive drug and alcohol treatment and mental health support services to chronically homeless males. The program treatment design is an individualized level system, assisting residents in establishing psychosocial supports necessary for independent living.

New Start II houses up to 16 individuals. Services provided include:

RHD founded New Start II in 1999 to provide intensive drug and alcohol treatment in addition to mental health support services.

New Start II recognizes there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to addiction recovery, and offers a variety of innovative person-centered and person-directed recovery plans that take into account where our clients are in their unique stages of readiness to begin their recovery process.

“At New Start II, I have witnessed caring at its peak,” Program Director Renee Fairell Harris says, “The staff give all that they have to help the participants move forward in their recovery process. They not only offer knowledge and support, but also the safety needed to address issues that can negatively influence their recovery process. Participants grow in their recovery process through groups and one-on-one sessions tailored to each individual. The participants support each other through the sense of community they have developed amongst themselves. However, the collaboration between staff and the participants is where the magic happens. That is what makes New Start II the best place to not only recover, but to also develop connections that can last a lifetime.”

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Program Start Year

  • 1999


  • Renee Fairell-Harris

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