Critical Time Intervention (CTI)

RHD’s Critical Time Intervention (CTI) is a blended case management service that provides support, for a duration of nine months, to adults in Montgomery County who are experiencing homelessness and also have significant mental health needs. The program’s primary initiative is to locate and connect people to adequate, affordable housing units, and provide support as they transition from a shelter or other setting to a new residence. CTI can support clients with linkages to mental health services, collaborations with community providers, and development of natural support systems. During this critical time, CTI monitors and assesses these supports to ensure their effectiveness in maintaining their new residence and breaking the cycle of homelessness.

CTI aims to understand the impact of trauma on the lives of those we serve. By evaluating program practices and improving our interactions with clients, the program will ultimately reach an advanced understanding of the relationships between trauma, substance use, and mental illness.


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Program Start Year

  • 2008

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  • Patrick Zetzsche, Program Director
  • Jenny Fox, Program Supervisor
  • Amber Seawright, Program Supervisor
  • Natalie Gurka, Admin Assistant/Fiscal Admin

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