Philly Tech Week features RHD’s IDEATE in accessibility workshop

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RHD’s IDEATE will be featured at Philly Tech Week 2019, presenting a session on “Case Studies in Accessible Empowerment” at RHD’s corporate offices May 7. This event will include a learning session and expert panel about using technology to support our clients to more fully access their own independence.

Now in its ninth year, Philly Tech Week is a week-long celebration of technology and innovation happening throughout the Greater Philadelphia region. IDEATE’s session will discuss strength-based accommodations in technology with experts whose innovative thinking has contributed greatly to supporting others to access their own lives more fully.

This Philly Tech Week session is FREE and open to the public. Register here

Ideate of Resources for Human Development invites you to reframe this notion to focus on ‘strengths amplified by technology’ that is intended to decrease reliance on paid staff and increase personal autonomy for individuals identifying as disabled. During this event, we will hear from our panelists about their stellar contributions to the lives of people with disabilities, unpack our case studies and invite feedback. Join us to celebrate the accomplishments and innovation of our clients and panelists. Practical examples in bespoke as well as generic technology will be discussed and demonstrated to help you take your client outcomes to the next level.

IDEATE is an inclusive employment program dedicated to providing trauma-informed support to individuals with barriers to getting and sustaining earning opportunities. Our mission is to support our clients to identify and retain person-tailored occupations. We want to redefine “work,” one person at a time while leveling the playing field using technology. In order to support our clients in person-tailored work, our fundamental approach focuses on empowerment, choice, safety, trustworthiness, and collaboration. We seek to identify any barriers and overcome them by building inclusive employment solutions. Our practice is designed to support self-actualization and inclusion. We do this by offering support in community-based employment, including customized employment, alternative staffing, a deep-dive into technology-based accommodations and the development of formalized innovative practices wherein the individuals can cultivate natural supports especially in careers where our participants are under-represented.