Philadelphia Inquirer features RHD’s Family House NOW: Rehab for mothers and their children allows them to recover together

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The Philadelphia Inquirer featured RHD’s Family House NOW in a story about substance abuse treatment programs in the Philadelphia area where women can live with their children, so the family can recover as a unit:

Recovery is a complicated long game that hinges on many factors, including the quality and fit of available rehabilitation programs. Indi Islam thinks she’s found the right one for her.

“This place saved me life,” she said toward the end of last year, looking around the sparsely furnished meeting room of Family House NOW (New Options for Women), a residential treatment center in a large brick building in West Philadelphia. “It sounds cliché,” she said, “but it really did.”

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Family House NOW is a long-term residential treatment facility for women experiencing mental illness and chemical dependence, and their children. Special components address drug/alcohol addiction, mental illness, life skills, and parenting skills, as well as prevention and intervention for the children. Family House NOW is one of only a few programs nationwide that works with mother and child in a residential treatment setting.