“It has been the best experience”

RHD New Start II houses up to 16 individuals, and offers an intimate treatment setting that provides each participant unique freedom for indi­vidual programming and the opportunity to develop personal interests. New Start II staff members collaborate to provide a variety of on-site treatment services. Our staff members are eager to assist and will refer for additional supports when neces­sary. Here’s what participants are saying about services at RHD New Start II:

“From the moment I began at New Start II, I immediately felt a sense of hope and determination. The program gave me the opportunity to connect with a supportive and encouraging community of like-minded individuals. I have gained valuable life skills, improved my mental and physical health, and most importantly, I have learned to believe in myself and my potential for a brighter future. New Start II has transformed my outlook on life.”
– Anthony

“I came into New Start II a broken person with no sense of direction or purpose. I was homeless, living in a shelter, and addicted. After being here for 14 months, I am not the same person when I walked through the door.”
– Robert

“New Start II is the best program I have been through. They treated me with love, care, and concern. Because of them, I have been clean for one year. I will always be grateful to them.”
– Kevin

“People at New Start II helped me get clean. I learned a lot here that will help me in my recovery and will guide me through the rest of my life.”

“New Start II gave me the opportunity to change, rebuild, and start a new way of life. Once I started realizing how much work and patience was going to be needed, I had my doubts if it was going to work for me. The staff sat me down and explained to me it wasn’t going to be easy, but it was all up to me. It has been the best experience to recover and to start living a good life. Thank you, New Start II.”