‘This program is awesome’

RHD New Start II houses up to 16 individuals, and offers an intimate treatment setting that provides each participant unique freedom for indi­vidual programming and the opportunity to develop personal interests. New Start II staff members collaborate to provide a variety of on-site treatment services. Our staff members are eager to assist and will refer for additional supports when neces­sary. Here’s what people are saying about services at RHD New Start II:

“My experience here has been good – they believe in the clients. They help you out and make you feel comfortable. I am very happy with the program. It’s a safe place. It’s comfortable. If you’re really trying to be in recovery, you can do it here.”
– Jarred

“I’m at New Start II because I figured if I was around a good environment, I could get my drug problem under control. This program is awesome. I love every aspect of it. With the help of New Start II, I hope to maintain my sobriety and get an apartment at the end. It really is a lovely program in every way.”
– Marcus

“I’ve been in a lot of other programs, and this is the nicest. Treatment is great. The staff cares about you. You have freedom here, but it’s structured, too. You aren’t another number to them. It’s a good place to come to.”
– Devin

“New Start II staff teaches me how to deal with life challenges in a positive way.The staff here don’t just come to work, they come each day to save a life – my life!”
– Glenn