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RHD Nebraska provides essential residential and day supports to individuals with developmental disabilities, with an emphasis on education, life skills and creative opportunities for growth and personal expression. RHD Nebraska specializes in providing trauma-informed, person-centered services to assist individuals in facilitating a meaningful and successful life in their communities.

“We recognize that people have a choice of providers, and we’re proud that so many people who’ve chosen RHD Nebraska are thriving here,” said Megan Watson, Regional Director for RHD Nebraska. “RHD is a national leader in providing day and residential services to people with intellectual disabilities. Our services are based on the individual, and we think creatively about how best to support people as they work to build their most successful lives.”

RHD Nebraska provides residential services that promote the highest level of independence for the people we serve: Extended Family Home (EFH) models and intermittent, supported service models. RHD works with clients to help them achieve their goals, including maintaining meaningful employment.

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RHD Nebraska is home to two of RHD’s creative art-based day programs: Live Yes Studios in Lincoln and Valiant Studios in Omaha, RHD creative arts studios broaden the horizons of people with intellectual disabilities and offer them the tools to define themselves as artists. In these programs, RHD staff works to create an environment where people are safe and cared for, but also engaged and energized. At RHD, people can take ownership of their work and their place in the community while being celebrated for their own unique style of outsider art.

Resources for Human Development has been supporting adults and children with intellectual disabilities and helping them lead more fulfilling lives since 1972. Today, RHD provides essential day and residential services for people with intellectual disabilities in 59 programs in 13 states, including a variety of effective and innovative approaches, such as creative arts therapies, the companion model and more.

RHD specializes in creating solutions to a wide variety of community challenges. At the center of each program is RHD’s belief that people of all abilities are of equal worth, deserving of respect and dignity. RHD’s person-centered services are grounded in autonomy and choice, assisting clients as they work toward meaningful lives in their communities.

“The happiness and joy that emenates from Live Yes, it’s contagious. Watching my daughter’s growth has been amazing. She’s just blossomed here.”
Tracey, whose daughter Aleah is a client at RHD Nebraska’s Live Yes day program


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