NBC-10 talks with Donna Torrisi, director of RHD’s Family Practice & Counseling Network, about dangers of health care repeal

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NBC-10’s coverage of the health care debate and the possible consequences of repeal features an interview with Donna Torrisi, director of RHD’s Family Practice and Counseling Nework. FPCN is the largest nurse-managed health care network in the country, and serves more than 22,000 patients each year. Medicaid expansions in the Affordable Card Act reduced the uninsured rate of FPCN’s patients from 25 percent to 8 percent — and repealing the ACA and cutting Medicaid would have disastrous consequences.

“I have never watched the news like I am watching the news now. It is a nightmare for us,” Torrisi said. “The idea of Medicaid expansion going away, that’s the thing that has really impacted our patients the most.
“Every time something fails, I’m thrilled. Every time something comes up again for a vote, we all crash here. We’re on pins and needles wondering what’s going to happen.”

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FPCN is a network of health centers providing primary care, behavioral health education, prenatal care, family planning services, dental care, community outreach, and advocacy. The nurse-managed centers are primarily funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to serve public housing residents and surrounding communities. Primary care Certified Nurse Practitioners and licensed behavioral health professionals provide high quality care aimed at improving the health status of the underserved, uninsured and vulnerable people.