Morris Home In-Kind Donation Guidelines

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Thank you so much for your generous interest in supporting and showing love to the members of RHD Morris Home!

Before you reach out to us with inquiries or come by the building with donations, please read through the following list of DOs and DON’Ts for donations to find out if we need what you have to offer!

We request that you please read the entire list!



We are always happy to accept the following, all in good condition:

  • Clean clothing, especially larger women’s sizes L-XXXL
  • Shoes, especially larger women’s sizes 9-14
  • Unused/new cosmetics, makeup, hygiene products, nail polish, lotion, brushes
  • Clean twin-sized bedding and pillows
  • Art supplies (organized and in good shape)
  • OCCASIONALLY: Small furniture in good condition (ex. lamps, side tables, small bookshelves)



Note based on past issues: We are unable to accept items in poor condition. In keeping with the spirit of our wonderful Morris Home members, we respectfully request adherence to this directive. Please remember that your support of Morris Home members is a form of community solidarity.

Please DO NOT inquire about or bring us donations of the following:

  • Clothing or items with alcohol or drug branding/references (ex. Jack Daniels t-shirts, marijuana leaf print clothing, etc.)
  • Items typically used for the ingestion of alcohol or drugs (ex. shot glasses, beer cups)
  • Used/opened/”gently used” makeup, cosmetics, hygiene products, nail polish, etc.
  • Unwashed, dirty, or poor quality clothing or bedding
  • XS, youth, or children-sized clothing (“mens” or “womens”)
  • Couches, armchairs, large furniture, etc.
  • Dirty or broken housewares
  • Items with pet hair or fur on them
  • Sexually inappropriate books, magazines, etc.

For additional information please email us at [email protected].