Meet our team

Dionne Price, RN, MSN-BC

DE Residential

Why is the work we do important?

“We work here in the group homes but they live here. It is important to remember that. We are guests.”

If you could have one wish for our participants what would it be? “To have fulfilled days, to have a sense of family and unity, and enjoy their lives.”


Brandi Massey

Sussex ICM

The reason I do this job… It’s quite simple… job satisfaction!

I get to be part of a team that makes an impact on the lives of people that are misunderstood.


Debbie Moore

Sussex ICM

It is truly rewarding when we see the progression of success in our participants’ daily lives and how they overcome the stigma around mental health.


Allison Sauvageau

Sussex ICM

What I wish for our clients: Good health, happiness, and safety! I also hope our clients develop the confidence to know that they can handle anything life throws at them. There will always be a solution to their problems if they follow their intuition and believe in themselves!


Leisa Brown


What motivates me to come to work each day is that I enjoy working with clients, being able to see them reach their goals, and making an impact on their lives. I’ve always had a heart for helping others, especially ones that could use more help. The look on their faces when they see me walk in is priceless, and that makes me happy.