Kris was the first client to walk in the doors at RHD Nebraska.

Kris often struggled with his behavior at Beatrice State Developmental Center. Today Kris attends Live Yes Studios, RHD Nebraska’s creative arts day program, where he paints and sings in the music room. He’s transitioned successfully into living in the community, where he held a job at a local restaurant for a time and hopes to have another job soon.

“I like it because people support me and care about me,” Kris said. “I’m getting my act together!”

Kris learned — and learned to act on — his coping skills by developing a rap. “I use my coping skills,” he raps, as Live Yes staffers set a beat behind him. “Stop …  Think … Action … Review …”
The room cheers when he’s done. A few members of the staff step forward and give Kris a high five.

“Kris’ behaviors were pretty severe,” said Nancy Handy, Kris’ mother. “But through all the work, and all the staff, and everyone working together, we have seen significant progress in Kris. My husband and I are very confident that Kris is in a good, safe environment, and that he is working toward being as independent as he can be. I know that he will never have to go back to an institution. He will be OK here in Lincoln. I know that; that he will be OK.”

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