Brittnee likes to go for walks; it’s become one of her coping skills at RHD Nebraska. Long walks through the community are calming and restorative, and she likes to visit a local church she admires for its interesting architecture. With staff in tow, sometimes chatting amiably with Brittnee and sometimes walking along in silence, Brittnee strides purposefully around the city. Since coming to RHD Nebraska from the Beatrice State Developmental Center (BSDC),
Brittnee says she feels much happier.

“I have a lot more freedom to do the things I want to do,” Brittnee said. “I appreciate that.”

Brittnee’s behaviors often presented a challenge. But a program was created that addressed those challenges, and she is able to live in the community with the assistance of supportive staff.

“She can be the sweetest person, and she’s so loving with our older clients,” Jen Lewis, RHD Nebraska program coordinator, said.

Brittnee does artwork at Live Yes Studios, RHD Nebraska’s creative arts day program. Brittnee sings in the music room — she particularly enjoys Mariah Carey covers — and works on projects that she uses to decorate her own apartment. Brittnee works hard to achieve her goals, and has seen a documented decrease in her challenging behaviors.

“All the staff is nice, and caring,” Brittnee said. “They help me out.”

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