“How much is this one?”
Antonio visits the lot at RPM Motors and asks to see a car. He slides behind the driver’s seat, and Jason Klement — RPM’s co-owner — pops the hood so Antonio can check out the engine. Antonio walks through the lot, inspecting the different models. Klement gives him the chance to sit behind the wheel of each one.
“He just loves this,” Etavius Bush, Direct Service Professional at RHD Nebraska, part of the team that supports Antonio.
Antonio has intellectual disabilities, and displayed challenging behaviors that make social interactions in the community particularly difficult. But in the time since he left Beatrice State Developmental Center and moved to RHD Nebraska, he’s lived successfully in the community. Antonio sings in the music room at Live Yes Studios, plays basketball at the local YMCA and points toward his weekly visits to the RPM lot.
“I like coming here,” Antonio said. He points at Klement and adds: “He’s my buddy.”
“If it makes his day to come out here and look at the cars, that’s an easy one for us,” Klement said. “Every time he comes down, he’s got a new favorite car. He grabs a business card, every day. He’s got so many that when I run out of business cards, I can go get some from ‘Ton. It’s a good place for him to come to, RHD really works well with him, and it’s good experience for us. He does his thing, he enjoys it, he’s a nice kid.”
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