LMCMS: Diversity and Leadership

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Maria Bell, CCBHC Coordinator for RHD’s Lower Merion Counseling & Mobile Services, attended the Annual Philadelphia Diversity and Leadership Conference. At all levels of the organization RHD is committed to building a thriving, diverse workforce that is essential to achieving our mission of the highest quality services for people of all abilities. Maria also had the chance to hang with the conference keynote speaker, Spike Lee!

This year’s conference was centered on advancing our knowledge of two main areas: Diversity and Leadership. RHD recognizes that the demographics of the workplace are changing, and in a global economy, organizations must be innovative and creative. To achieve these goals, businesses must constantly strive for change and promote environments of inclusion, while also educating employees on the importance of these policies. The one-day conference provided an opportunity for organizations to explore tools and resources necessary to build a diverse workforce and remain competitive on the global stage. As we strive to create more opportunities for individuals to advance in their career this message of inclusivity and acceptance of all people rings true with the RHD values.

LMCMS is expanding and improving behavioral health services with the Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) demonstration grant. The U.S Department of Health and Human Services awarded the grant to RHD’s Lower Merion Counseling Services for the groundbreaking two-year demonstration plan. The goals of the demonstration plan are threefold: to better integrate behavioral health with physical health; to increase consistent use of evidence-based practices; and to improve access to high quality care for people with mental and substance abuse disorders.