Executive Team

Acting President and Chief Executive Officer

Brian Matthew Rhodes, Esq.

Acting President and Chief Executive Officer

Deanna Cerwin, C.P.A.

Chief Financial Officer

Linda Donovan-Magdamo, M.S.

Chief Program Officer, Behavioral Health & Housing Division

Michael Boeglin

Chief Information Officer

Roy Day

Chief Human Resource Officer

Stephanie Pompey, M.A., J.D.

Chief Legal Officer

Tamika Curry, PhD, RN

Chief Program Officer, Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities (IDD) & Healthcare Divisions
Service Line Vice President

Bernie Glavin

Executive Vice President, Intellectual Developmental Disabilities Division
Corporate Vice Presidents

Baroness Martin, M.I.L.R.

Vice President, Culture & Communications


Emily Nichols, M.P.H., PCMH-CCE

Executive Director, Family Practice & Counseling Network