Genny’s Place

To effectively combat homelessness in Montgomery County and foster community renewal, RHD has conceived a groundbreaking initiative: Genny’s Place. With proposed headquarters in Lower Providence Township, the program’s mission will be to provide short-term supportive housing to unhoused individuals, offering a secure environment as they pursue permanent housing solutions.

Genny’s Place will welcome residents aged 18 or older who meet stringent eligibility criteria. Through personalized case management, participants will receive tailored support to facilitate their transition to independent living within 60 to 90 days.

We are eager to keep everyone informed about Genny’s Place and clear up some misconceptions about the program.

Myths and Facts

Myth: Genny’s Place is a homeless shelter.

Fact: Genny’s Place offers short-term housing in apartment-style settings, providing support services to help residents transition to independent living in regular housing.

Myth: Genny’s Place will house hundreds of homeless individuals permanently in Lower Providence Township.

Fact: Genny’s Place will have a maximum of 60 residents at any given time, with a goal of each staying for a 60-to-90-day period.

Myth: This program will primarily house criminals and sex offenders.

Fact: Genny’s Place will implement a rigorous screening process to ensure the safety and well-being of the community, complying with all zoning regulations. No registered sex offenders will be given residence at Genny’s Place.

Myth: Genny’s Place will attract individuals from outside areas to Lower Providence Township, and it will be a homeless migration complex.

Fact: Genny’s Place will be a short-term housing complex exclusively serving individuals from Montgomery County.

Myth: Genny’s Place residents will be disruptive youths who dominate public spaces.

Fact: All residents will be 18 years old or older. The majority of the population RHD serves in the area is over 55 years old.

Myth: RHD was expelled from Norristown in 2022.

Fact: RHD’s Norristown homeless services program was among several organizations that closed when the lease on the building expired, and the Municipality of Norristown took back the property to redevelop it.

The following fact sheets provide more details. You can easily view them in your web browser or print them out. Additionally, you can click here to read about RHD’s proposal for Genny’s Place on the Lower Providence Township website. If you have additional questions about Genny’s Place, please email Christina Jordan at [email protected].

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Myths and Facts