RHD’s Family Practice and Counseling Network’s New Telehealth Services Produce Healthy Outcomes

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At RHD’s Family Practice and Counseling Network, quality health care is a right, not a privilege. FPCN is the largest nurse-managed health care network in the country handling more than 85,000 patient visits a year. During the COVID-19 pandemic, FPCN’s commitment to healthier communities led to the creation of Telehealth Services, an accessible option for the most vulnerable patients.

Thanks to this new offering, common barriers — ranging from transportation issues to stigma concerns and more — have been eliminated. FPCN providers offer compassionate care to patients remotely, and countless people have already benefitted greatly. Here is a sampling of some powerful success stories resulting from our Telehealth Services:

  • A 70-something patient, with a history of upper respiratory illness, had a painful tooth abscess and was too scared to leave the house. A dental professional virtually saw the swelling caused by infection, called in a prescription, and scheduled follow-up treatment.
  • A recipient let a referral for a wisdom tooth extraction expire and was experiencing excruciating pain. A virtual visit with our dental department resulted in a new referral to an oral surgeon, and the patient is now pain-free.
  • A 29-year-old transgender female struggled to come to BHC visits due to her location, work hours, and difficulty trusting providers who made her feel safe. With FPCN, weekly virtual visits now fit into her schedule from the familiarity and comfort of her home.
  • A 4-year-old fell down 15 stairs and went to the ER. After witnessing a shooting nearby, the child’s mom was afraid to leave the home for a follow-up visit, so a Telehealth professional virtually assessed concussion symptoms and provided a specialist referral for the child.
  • A nurse experienced severe anxiety triggered by working in healthcare during the COVID crisis. Despite working full-time outside the area, she received immediate virtual behavioral health support and was connected to Psych NP for medication management.
  • A woman, with a history of severe trauma and loss, struggled to make appointments consistently due to transportation issues, health challenges, and agoraphobia. Through virtual visits with FPCN, she’s made significant progress with her self-esteem, daily functioning, and self-care, despite the recent death of her sister.
  • A mother was struggling to connect with her three adult children and a teenager at home. After several virtual family sessions, the communication and relationships within the home have improved greatly.


FPCN's New Telehealth Services Produce Healthy Outcomes

Find out more about how FPCN is utilizing Telehealth Services to ensure the safety and wellbeing of patients.


At FPCN, patient and staff health is our #1 priority. Whether it’s via Telehealth Services or at one of our five federally-qualified health centers, FPCN will continue to lead the charge to provide quality, low-cost health care for all.

Emily Nichols, FPCN’s Director