Donna Torrisi & Tarik Khan of RHD’s Family Practice & Counseling Network named Philadelphia Inquirer 2019 Influencers of Health Care

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Donna Torrisi and Tarik Khan were honored as two of Philadelphia’s “Influencers of Health Care” by the Philadelphia Inquirer. Torrisi is retiring this year as director of RHD’s Family Practice & Counseling Network, which she led since RHD founded FPCN in 1992. FPCN is now the largest nurse-led health care network in the country. Kahn is a family nurse practitioner at FPCN and a tireless advocate for health care for people in need.

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“Growing up, I recognized advocacy as a common trait in nurses through my mom, and I was later attracted to this field that is dedicated to helping make people’s lives better,” Kahn said.

“I had the good fortune to be asked to create a model of care to serve residents of public housing,” Torrisi said. “I saw the chance to fulfill a dream to create a model of care that provided a compassionate environment for staff and patients.”

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