Center of Excellence Care Management Team

The Center of Excellence Care Management Team was developed through the Center of Excellence Award given to RHD’s Montgomery County Recovery Center in response to the growing opiate abuse epidemic. When the person with an opiate use disorder presents with a need for treatment, contact us.

While we do not provide treatment, we do provide a warm handoff to the appropriate provider after meeting with the individuals we support. We are a mobile unit that will deliver services where the client presents — from a local shelter to an outpatient or inpatient program.

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Who we are: We are a team of professionals working together to ensure that individuals suffering from opiate use disorders can access the physical and behavioral health services needed to support their recovery.

How we work: We help coordinate care, providing a “warm” transition to the next level of care and connecting individuals to community services and supports. We partner with community providers such as hospitals and outpatient physical health providers to provide care management to individuals who present with opiate use disorders and may have trouble navigating the care system on their own.

Services include: Assessment, coordination of referrals, follow up of warm handoffs to recommended levels of care (including behavioral and physical health services).


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