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Montgomery County Recovery Center (MCRC) Center of Excellence (COE) is a Community-Based Care Management (CBCM) Team that was developed in response to the growing opiate abuse epidemic. We are a team of licensed, certified, and experienced professionals working together to assure that individuals and service providers can access services needed to support recovery for those suffering from opiate use disorders. While we do not provide treatment, we do provide a warm hand-off to the appropriate provider agencies and will work in conjunction with them to assure that individuals’ needs are being met.

What We Do

MCRC COE provides quality care to individuals who struggle with opioid use disorder. The COE works to serve with integrity, delivering the best service to our community through the Warm Hand-Off (WHO) initiative. This includes partnering with other agencies through coordination of care, with the goal of increasing access to MAT and other drug and alcohol treatment while meeting the individual’s needs from their perspective.

The COE is a mobile unit and will meet individuals anywhere within their community. We provide care in a holistic approach by also addressing the individual’s physical health, mental health, and other care management needs. The COE also provides education on medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and the WHO Initiative to providers through outreach and community events. Most importantly, MCRC COE shows individuals that there is hope, they are worthy of recovery, and they are not alone in this journey.


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Center of Excellence


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