Coordinated Homeless Outreach Center

RHD’s Coordinated Homeless Outreach Center is the only year-round, 24-7, emergency housing service for single adults experiencing homelessness in Montgomery County. In partnership between Montgomery County’s Office of Behavioral Health, RHD established the CHOC in 2007. CHOC serves homeless adult men and women in Montgomery County. CHOC’s two wings include a day center where clients can meet with a caseworker, receive their mail, wash their clothes, apply for benefits, or attend group meetings; the smaller wing is a 50- to 80-bed overnight shelter. In addition to emergency shelter, CHOC provides street outreach, service counseling, transportation, rapid rehousing, meals, clothing, life skills and benefits counseling.

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CHOC provides safe, short-term emergency shelter to adults experiencing homelessness, as well as outreach and access to treatment, benefits and housing opportunities to individuals living on the streets or in shelter. Referrals and information are always available, as CHOC works to make sure the community has education and information on housing and homeless-related concerns. CHOC also provides opportunities for service and learning to community members, organizations and businesses.

“People deserve housing regardless of anything else that may be going on in their lives,” said CHOC Director Genny O’Donnell. “At CHOC we want all people to experience having a home, in all of its most enriching and endearing traits.

“What inspires us is seeing people the people we support make it — attain and maintain their own housing and leave the shelter behind. We know our lofty goal of ending homelessness, together, is actually possible.”


“I had a beautiful experience at CHOC. I got a home out of it as well. It’s awesome.”
J’Phine, an RHD CHOC client