Coastal Wellness in memory of Bryan Bolton

In memory of Bryan Bolton

RHD Coastal Wellness was privileged to support Bryan, and is grateful that his family is asking for donations to that program in his memory.

From RHD Coastal Wellness program director Kim Corbett: Bryan Bolton died in his apartment in Toms River, NJ on the morning of April 29, 2019.  Bryan had struggled with mental illness for several years prior to his death.  However, this struggle did not dampen the kindness that he had towards others and his passion for caring for reptiles and animals.  He valued and prioritized family and loving relationships with his mantra being “famiglia e per sempre” or “family is forever”.  The mental illness created many challenges for Bryan but his family never left his side and he was blessed to feel their love and support through the good times and bad.

Coastal Wellness is an intensive Supportive Housing program that helps individuals with serious mental illness who have received treatment in NJ State psychiatric facilities to locate and successfully reside in mainstream apartments.  All members of the Coastal Wellness program live independently with individually tailored support from Coastal Wellness staff.  The Coastal Wellness program advocates for its members to receive necessary psychiatric and medical treatment and assists with the coordination of this care.  The Program assists individuals to achieve goals that they set for themselves and to maximize community resources and relationships.  Ultimately, it is the mission of the Coastal Wellness program for its members to have the most independent and successful lives possible for each individual.